Message from Sam Cheris, Chair, USA Fencing Referees’ Commission re Complaints for Improper Behavior

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Feb 022018

A number of you were at the meeting that was held at the December NAC in Portland regarding the conduct of referees who were also coaching at events.  The specific in the Referee Code of Ethics was that “Referees are to respect other Referees to the utmost.  It is improper to publicly indicate disapproval of […]

Notice to USA Fencing Coaches

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Jan 182018

The following letter is being sent to USA Fencing Coaches: USA Fencing has recently seen an increase in the number of complaints related to coaching behavior at all levels of competition. Often, the information provided describes situations of coaching behavior that are inappropriate and disruptive to athletes and others at the event.  As per our […]

Congratulations to our Referees!

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Aug 232017

Congratulations to all of our referees who’ve earned new ratings or re-earned their current ratings this season! New Ratings Epee Abdelaziz, Nadine 4 Balog, Marcus 2 Banks, Dan 4 Barnhart, William C. 3 Belanich, Susan 2 Borgos, Susan 2 Bratsko, Stephen 4 Brown, Zackery J. 4 Donnelly, Devin 3 Fadel, Abbas 2 Geller, Alan 4 […]

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Fencing Season

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Aug 022017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 fencing season! The referee availability form for the upcoming season has been activated.  It can be accessed here. Mary Mahon will be the DAC member hiring for October.  The October NAC is only two months away, so hiring is already getting started. New this season is the +CheckED membership upgrade, which […]

USA Fencing Saber Events Return to Four Meter Distance

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Feb 232017

In conjunction with the decision of the Federation Internationale d’Escrime, it was announced during the USA Fencing Board of Directors meeting on Feb. 21 that ALL USA Fencing sanctioned tournaments will be conducted using the four-meter on guard lines effective immediately. This includes senior, junior, cadet, youth, veteran and Division I, IA, II and III competitions. […]

Referees’ Commission Meeting

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Nov 202016

There will be a telephonic meeting of the Referees’ Commission on Tuesday, November 22 at 6:30 PM ET.   Anyone interested may join the public portion of the meeting; the call in number is: Conference Dial-in: 1-712-770-8094 Conference Code: 500089

Honorarium Increase

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Sep 032016

The Board of Directors, National Office and Referees’ Commission are pleased to announce the amounts of the increased honorarium for referees for the upcoming season. The previously announced increases have been finalized, and the new honorarium amounts are: Referees with ratings 1, 2, 3, FIE A & B – $125 per service day Referees with […]

Referee Ratings Review – 2016

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Aug 222016

Due to the reorganization of the FOC into the Referees’ Commission this season, a change was made to the procedure normally used for the annual August referee ratings review. The RC is a smaller group than the old FOC, with less representation of all weapons.  To compensate for this, this season’s referee usage summary report […]

Reversing the Shoulder in Foil

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Aug 082016

Beginning August 1 2016, a foil fencer who reverses the line of his/her shoulders (bringing the shoulder of the non-weapon arm forward of the weapon arm shoulder) is now subject to a Group 1 penalty (a yellow card). Much like other penalties (such as corps-a-corps to avoid a touch or substitution of non-valid target), any […]

Letter from USA Fencing President Donald K. Anthony Jr.

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Jul 192016

FOC Reorganization and Candidates Put Forward July 18, 2016 I would like to take a moment to provide context around the FOC reorganization and the process that was utilized to select the candidates. Further, I am writing to provide transparency to the process and address any misconceptions regarding the rational concerning how the candidates I […]