NAC Availability Form Now….Available

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Sep 102013

Terrible pun aside, there is now an Availability Form so you can let us know which national tournaments you are interested in refereeing. It can also be found under the Calendar tab in the menu above. You can fill out the form at any time, and if information changes, just fill it out again. Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way for you to just update your prior choices; sorry about that. All of your responses will be forwarded directly to the Domestic Assignments Committee — the group who hires referees.

Just because you fill out a form does not mean you will get an invitation to referee. Please know that we did receive your information, but because of the number of people who want to referee nationally, we don’t have time to respond to everyone that is not hired.

Thanks for filling it out! Hope to see you on the circuit!

Information on new Youth DE Formats

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Sep 102013

With the new fencing season starting to gear up, there is one area that is already starting to see some rules changes: Youth fencing.  In June of this past year, the USA Fencing Board of Directors approved a change to the format of youth fencing tournaments: in particular, the direct elimination format.

Until this season, Youth-10 and Youth-12 direct elimination matches were fenced as the best 2 out of 3 encounters with each encounter going to 5 touches. Effective as of August 1, direct elimination matches have changed.

Y-10 events now end when a fencer reaches 10 points, or at the end of two 3 minute periods of fencing. The first period ends if a fencer reaches 5 points or if three minutes have expired, whichever comes first. There is a one minute rest in between each period.

Direct elimination bouts in Y-12 events are now the same as other standard direct elimination bouts; they last for 15 points or for three 3 minute periods.

One important result of the changes in these formats is that Non-combativity now applies to Y-10 and Y-12 direct elimination bouts. The application is the same as in other weapons.