How referees are selected for National Tournaments

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Oct 072013

“Why was I not hired to be a referee?” That is a question that has been asked hundreds of times in our sport. The decision process for hiring referees by the USA Fencing’s Fencing Officials Commission is based upon many factors. In order to assist everyone in knowing and understanding this process, the main points that are carefully considered regarding the selection of referees are:

  • Availability for number of days (It is much preferred for a referee to arrive the evening before the tournament starts and be able to referee all of each day and until at least 5:30 pm on the last day. Referees who can work each day cost far less and provide more continuity than those who have more limited availability.)
  • Referee rating (Each tournament requires a different mix of levels of referees; some require a higher proportion of 1s, 2s and 3s; some permit us to use a greater proportion of 4s and 5s and allow us to use highly recommended 6s as well.)
  • Number of weapons a referee can officiate
  • Travel costs
  • The referee’s capability and willingness to properly apply all rules
  • Referee’s reputation for promptness
  • Referee’s reputation for cooperation
  • Ability to work well with others – be a team member
  • Task completion speed – efficient use of time at the strip
  • Sobriety
  • Respect for other officials, fencers, and spectators
  • Physical stamina
  • Work in a manner where the fencers are the main attraction, and the referee is but an adjunct to the performance.

If you have any questions, please contact the Domestic Assignment Committee member who is hiring the referees for each tournament.  For detailed information on individual tournaments, check the calendar.

Dates of Tournament

Who to Contact

October NAC 10/11-14 Fri-Mon

Sharon Everson:

November NAC 11/8-11 Fri-Mon

Mary Frye:

December NAC 12/13-16 Fri-Mon

George Kolombatovich:

January NAC 1/17-20 Fri-Mon

Mary Mahon:

JO’s 2/14-17 Fri-Mon

Mary Frye:

March NAC 3/14-17 Fri-Mon

Mary Mahon:

April NAC 4/11-14 Fri-Mon

George Kolombatovich:

Summer Nationals 6/27-7/6 Fri-Sun

Sharon Everson:

New FOC members appointed

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Oct 022013

At the September Board of Directors meeting, four new members were appointed to the FOC. Members are appointed for a four year term, and each year, 3-4 positions are filled. This year, the four referees appointed are Mary Frye, Peter Burchard, Derek Cotton, and Matthew Cox.

Mary Frye and Peter Burchard were re-appointed to the group for another four years. Mary has been an active member of the Rules Committee with expertise in epee, as well as working on the Domestic Assignments Committee and Ethics Committee. This year, she will also be working as the FOC Liaison to the Tournament Committee. Peter has been the international assigner for epee tournaments and also helps with international referee development. He also works with the Ethics and Communications Committees.

Derek Cotton is rejoining the FOC after a brief hiatus. Derek is no stranger to refereeing: he has refereed for the United States in two different Olympic Games, and also served on the international refereeing Arbitrage.

Matt Cox will be joining the FOC for the first time. Matt is primarily a saber referee and is one of our international referees being assigned to the highest level tournaments in the world. Matt has been appointed to fill the remaining one year of Damon Scaggs’s term, who resigned this summer.