April 2014 Rulebook Now Available

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Mar 312014

As we mentioned in a prior post, the Board of Directors considered rules changes that had previously been adopted at the international level. The Board approved the rules changes for use in the US starting today, March 31st. As before, the Rulebook is available in a fixed layout (.pdf), as well as reflowable formats for various e-readers (.mobi for Kindle devices and .epub for all other e-readers). There is an updated Penalty Chart available as well.

Attention all referees! Please read regarding your current rating!

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Mar 192014

The Fencing Officials Commission needs your assistance. As per the USA Fencing Operations Manual, the FOC must maintain an up-to-date list of all Referee Ratings. This cannot be done without your help.

The list of all referee ratings can be found at http://foc.askfred.net/Referee/.

While the FOC has been maintaining the annual ratings increases and the ratings year for referees who are active at a national level, we have not, unfortunately, kept the referee list up-to-date for those referees no longer working, or no longer working at their rated level.

To rectify this situation, we plan to do the following:

On September 1, 2014 or soon thereafter, any referee with a rating year of 2010 or 2011, will have their rating level decreased by one level; for example, if the rating is a 5, it will be reduced to a 6.

Any referee with a rating year of 2009 or earlier will be evaluated, to see if they have worked within the last two years at a lower rated level. If the referee hasn’t worked at any level within the last four years, they will lose their rating for that weapon due to inactivity.

Be aware that your ratings may have to be changed to take into account the fact that you have not worked at your rated level for 2 or more years. For example, if a referee has a weapon rating of 5 or higher, but has not worked at a NAC for over 2 years, the rating is no longer appropriate, due to inactivity at the appropriate level. However, if the referee has worked locally or regionally at tournaments equivalent to a 6 or lower, the appropriate lower rating will be awarded, and the year updated, to reflect the activity level of the referee.

The FOC understands that there may be errors in this list, and we want to be very sure these records are correct before any ratings shown are changed or removed.

Please email Ratings@fencingofficials.org if you feel the information on the website is incorrect, especially in regards to the ratings year. If it is incorrect, to what should it be changed? Please give a detailed explanation as to why any rating should be changed, i.e. when and where did you last successfully work at, above, or even below the listed rating.

The detailed information required includes:
• The name of the tournament
• The date of the tournament
• The location of the tournament
• Competition worked (for example, Junior MF; Cadet WE; Vet 40 MS; Division 3 WS)
• Highest level worked (Pool round, DE round of 16, Semi-Final bout, Gold medal bout)
• Name of tournament Organizer and/or Referee Assigner

Remember, we want to get this right.

If you do not respond to this message, it will be assumed that our information regarding rating and year is correct, and we will act accordingly.

In all cases, the FOC needs your help to get this right, and your co-operation in this effort is greatly appreciated.