Call for Referees for 2015 Summer Nationals

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Jan 152015
2015 Summer Nationals
June 27 – July 6,  San Jose, CA
The largest fencing tournament in the world..this year, only 10 days!
Referees interested in serving as an official at Summer Nationals can complete the online Summer Nationals Availability Form by clicking here.
Summer Nationals Full-time Tournament Officials must serve for a minimum of 5 days to receive:
  • All travel expenses (current USA Fencing travel agency to be used, all travel to be approved by national office.  Flight departure time on the final day of officiating must allow for venue departure no earlier than 5:00 pm. (This means flight time should be after 7:00 pm.)
  • Hotel stay (those requesting single rooms will be responsible for covering half the cost of the room at the USA Fencing double room rate)
  • Per diem
  • Honorarium
  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided on service days
  • Other related travel expenses (reasonable airport parking, shuttle, taxi)
Days Off:
  • Referees who agree to serve the entirety of the Summer Nationals will receive two days off, to be used as they wish.
  • The specific days off will be at the discretion of the FOC Referee Coordinator in consultation with the Tournament Official.
  • Per Diem and the hotel room will be paid for the days off; honorarium will not.
  • Late arrival at the tournament and/or early departure from the tournament will not be considered as days off.
Summer Nationals Part-time Tournament Officials are those serving fewer than 5 days. They are entitled to:
  • per diem
  • honorarium
  • lunch on service days
  • up to $75 per service day reimbursement for travel and/or housing expenses, with appropriate receipts. Housing for SN Part-time Tournament Officials will not be provided.
  • If a Full-time Tournament Official decides not to be housed in USA Fencing’s hotel room block, housing expenses will be reimbursed at up to one-half the rate charged to USA Fencing for a double room.
  • A “full day” entails reporting 15 minutes before the close of registration of the first event of the day, or at an otherwise published report time. The referee must then stay through the day until released by the Head Referee of that tournament.
  • A Tournament Official hired as a referee will have their highest weapon rating factored into the above equation.
  • Foreign Referees – When properly authorized, invited foreign Referees, who hold a current FIE license, may also receive reimbursement as a Full-time Tournament Official Any day on which a tournament official is competing or coaching, they may use money owed to them by the national office from their work days to cover their expenses on their non-work days. These arrangements would depend upon the availability of such funds, and must be made with the National Office three (3) weeks before the event. Documentation of this agreement must be obtained and submitted to the National Office by the DAC member hiring for the event.