Dec 052015

December 1, 2015

The Ethics Committee of the Fencing Officials’ Committee, in accordance with our duties to uphold the highest standards of behavior in the referee corps, issues the following statement:

There was an incident at the October NAC of the 2015-16 season where a male referee’s pool score sheet went missing from a scoring table. It was recovered later from the women’s restroom after a search initiated by the Bout Committee.

It is alleged that another referee was responsible for removing the score sheet and hiding it from the responsible party, potentially damaging the smooth running of the tournament.

We are seeking more evidence about this incident. To further that end, the case will remain open for one year from this date. Anyone who knows anything about this incident is urged to step forward and offer an eye-witness account. Anonymity will be protected.

Peter Burchard, Chair
Bill Becker
Sharon Everson