Congratulations to our Referees!

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Aug 232017

Congratulations to all of our referees who’ve earned new ratings or re-earned their current ratings this season!

New Ratings


Abdelaziz, Nadine 4
Balog, Marcus 2
Banks, Dan 4
Barnhart, William C. 3
Belanich, Susan 2
Borgos, Susan 2
Bratsko, Stephen 4
Brown, Zackery J. 4
Donnelly, Devin 3
Fadel, Abbas 2
Geller, Alan 4
Gioiella, Alex 4
Guzzi Vincenti, Margherita A. 4
Han, Kristina 4
Harper, Brian S. 4
Ivy, Adam 3
Jacobson, Tyler 1
Koehler, Kelly 1
Kyono, Emma 4
Ma, Jianguo (James) 4
Pashby, Stephen 4
Peebles, George 5
Puzach, Adam 4
Sintchinov, Alexei 4
Taggersell, Cara 5
Vaughan, James 4
Waters, Essene 3
Webster, Patrick 2
Zeljkovic, Jelena 3



Banks, Dan 3
Decker, Laura 2
Gross, Liran 4
Han, Kristina 4
Ivy, Adam 2
Temple, Jackson 4
Van Scoyk, Aeron 4



Brown, Zackery J. 2
Cheney, Christopher M. 4
Decker, Laura 1
El Sissy, Ziad A. 3
Han, Kristina 3
Lee, Ivan 2
Linaldi, Alberto 4
Linaldi, Andres 4
Milestone, Jessi 3
Pashby, Stephen 4
Sach, David 1
Stapleton, Lindsay 3
Tolba, Hussein Abdel Fattah 3
Tucker, Matthew A. 4
Ward, Reghan E. 4


Re-earned Ratings


Abdelaziz, Abdelwahab 2
Abdelaziz, Hisham A. 4
Alperstein, Donald 1
Anderson, Barbara 3
Astudillo, Charles 3
Badawi, Amgad 2
Barton, Peter 1
Beckerman, Conor 2
Bogert, Alexander BRYCE 5
Bookwalter, Erich 4
Bookwalter, Tim 2
Campi-Sapery, Lisa 2
Chang, Jason 4
Chung, David J. 6
Chung, Thomas 5
Marcotte (Cillo), Anna 3
Cole, Matthew 5
Crocket, Daniel 1
Crouse, Wolfe R. 5
Curtis, Leo 4
Del Gaizo, Robert 4
Delap, Rylan 4
Dessens, Adrien 5
Djurisic, Maja 5
Djurisic, Zoran 5
Domashovetz, Greg 4
Dreyer, Matthew 4
Duncan, Corwin 4
Engstrom, Stefanie 2
Evanik, Nelly 4
Fife, Jamie 5
Gasparovich IV, George M. 5
Geller, Adam 4
Gillman, Bruce 3
Goossens, Bruno 1
Huang, Jinsong 4
Jeffery, Garet 4
Katzenbach, Grayson 5
Kiriakidi, Semion 5
Lambdin-Abraham, Andrew 2
Li, Wei 4
Lu, Annamaria 4
Mack, Adam 5
Mahmoud, Gamal 3
Mahmoud, Taysir 3
Mahon, Mary Ellen 2
Mandoki, Sandor 3
Mar, Kevin 2
Meehan, Justin 1
Nazarova, Nadia 4
Offerle, Judith 4
Parrilla, Ulpiano 3
Porter, George 2
Sasaki, Peet 4
Schiller, Laurence 5
Schlesinger, Nathan 4
Shipman, Bill 3
Shumate, Sean 3
Sierra, David 3
Spencer, Christopher 4
Stasinos, Mark 3
Thornton, Ronald 3
Vaksman, Boris 2
Van Der Wege, Gary 3
Van Scoyk, Aeron 5
Vogt, Suzanne 3
Wangner, Ronald 1
Watson, Adam 4
Wolfson, Kyle 2
Yoo, Terry 4
Young, Jay 5
Zelinski, Donny 4



Abashidze, George (Gia) 2
Abdelaziz, Abdelwahab 2
Abdelaziz, Hisham A. 4
Abdelaziz, Nadine 5
Astudillo, Charles 3
Balog, Marcus 2
Barnhart, William 5
Becker, William 3
Beckerman, Conor 2
Bontems, Pierre-Olivier 2
Brewer, Adam 3
Burchard, Peter 1
Campi-Sapery, Lisa 3
Chang, Jason 2
Chernomashentsev, Alisa A. 4
Chung, Thomas 4
Cotton, Derek 1
Del Gaizo, Robert 3
Delap, Rylan 2
Delgado, Fernando 3
Dessens, Adrien 5
Domashovetz, Greg 3
Donnelly, Devin 1
Dreyer, Matthew 4
Evanyk, Nelly 3
Findlay, Douglas 1
Foster, Andrew 1
Gasparin, Janos 3
Geller, Adam 4
Gibbs, Bobby 3
Gordon-Sand, Spencer 5
Green, Michael C. 3
Grigoriev, Eddie 5
Huang, Jinsong 5
Jacobson, Tyler 2
Jeffery, Garet 3
Katzenbach, Grayson 5
Koehler, Kelly 1
Kyono, Emma-Tei 5
Lee, Ivan 3
Li, Wei 4
Linaldi-Constantino, Alberto 5
Ma, Jianguo (James) 4
MacDougall, Forrest 3
Mack, Adam 5
Nazarova, Nadezhda 2
O’Brien, Sean 3
Petty, Ryan 3
Reardon, Patrick 2
Ross, Michael 3
Sasaki, Peet 3
Schlesinger, Nathan 4
Simonov, Stepan 2
Smith, Clinton 4
Taggersell, Cara 2
Thornton, Ronald J. 4
Torchia, Daniel 3
Vasic, Milos 4
Vogt, Suzanne (Evelyn) 3
Webster, Patrick 3
Zeljkovic, Jelena 2



Angelova-Atanassov, Anna 4
Armijo, Gabriel 3
Becker, William 1
Becker, William Louis 3
Brewer, Adam 2
Clinton, Elliot 3
Cox, Matthew 2
Dilworth, R. Greg 3
El Bakry, Samir 5
Fadel, Abbas 4
Gioiella, Alexandra 4
Gluck, Alexander 4
Gritsaev, Konstantin 2
Gritsaev, Sergei 2
Herring, Josh 5
Hristov, Hristo 1
Kizik, Val 3
Klinkov, Ariana 1
Larsen, Jeffrey 4
Lilov, Vladimir 1
Matt, Ryan 3
Meehan, Justin 3
Parrilla, Ulpiano 4
Reardon, Patrick 4
Sakhanenko, Nikita 4
Santana, Hudson S. 5
Seidel, Jon 5
Shanahan, Kevin 2
Sierra, David 4
Stasinos, Mark 4
Strzalkowski, Thomas 2
Vasic, Milos 3
Vogt, Suzanne 4


Welcome to the 2017-2018 Fencing Season

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Aug 022017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 fencing season!

The referee availability form for the upcoming season has been activated.  It can be accessed here.

Mary Mahon will be the DAC member hiring for October.  The October NAC is only two months away, so hiring is already getting started.

New this season is the +CheckED membership upgrade, which replaces the +Professional membership upgrade.  Here’s the information about the membership types from the National Office:

Coach (formerly Professional)
Designed for coaches, Coach Members have the same rights, benefits and privileges as Competitive members and additionally receive the benefit of a general liability insurance policy.

+CheckEd Upgrade (formerly +Professional)
This membership upgrade is for members who DO NOT Coach but are involved in administrative capacities. Current USA Fencing members may add the +CheckEd Upgrade to the following membership types: Life, Life Installment, Olympian Life, Paralympian Life, Supporting or Non-Competitive. The original benefits of the membership are retained. 

+Coach Upgrade
Current USA Fencing Life, Life Installment, and Olympian/Paralympian Life Members who coach may add the +Coach Upgrade. The original benefits of the membership are retained.

NOTE: The Coach, +CheckEd and +Coach memberships all require the completion of the SafeSport course and a background check. The cost of SafeSport and the background check are included in the membership.

Please email for more information on your membership or for any questions you may have on the upcoming season.

Referees who are not coaches and don’t have the Coach or +Coach memberships will need to get the +CheckED upgrade every season.  The cost of the +CheckED upgrade is $20 per season.

Background Screens and SafeSport training is still good for two years from the date of completion.  While you’ll need to get the +CheckED upgrade every season, you won’t need to put in for a new BGS or take the SafeSport training course this season if your expiration dates are after July 31, 2018.

If you do need to renew the SafeSport training, please remember that the training web site will be closed down from September 18 through October 1.  Until September 18, the training course can be found at (Team USA Prep Center).  After October 2, the training course will be at

Additionally, effective October 2nd, the new SafeSport online training at will consist of three new courses. Each course is approximately 30 minutes and will be replacing the original 90-minute SafeSport course. Per the USOC, NGBs must provide an education program for:

  1. Those individuals it formally authorizes, approves or appoints
    • to a position of authority over, or
    • to have frequent contact with athletes
  2. NGB staff.

As a Coach or +CheckEd Member, you will need to complete all three courses when your current training expires and you will need to be re-certified. The training will continue to be valid for two years.

The three new courses will address the following subjects:

  1. Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education
  2. Reporting Child Sexual Abuse
  3. Emotional and Physical Misconduct

A new SafeSport Refresher course will be added to the new platform in 2018. This will be an abbreviated version intended for relevant individuals who completed the three, core SafeSport courses. This will fulfill the SafeSport requirement for an additional two years.