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The Domestic Assignments Committee (DAC) is charged with the responsibility to hire referees for the eight national tournaments held each season.

In order to be considered for a Full-time Referee position at a national tournament, a referee should have a minimum rating of 6 in at least two weapons.  If not hired as a Full-time Referee, referees with ratings of 6 may be considered for observation, if they live near where the tournament is being held, or if they are going to be at the tournament for other reasons.

Use the Season Availability Form to let DAC members know of your availability.

Hiring Timeline

Here’s a summary of the timeline DAC members follow when hiring for tournaments:

  1. Three to Two months before the tournament (NAC/JO/SN)
    • Send availability requests to referees.
    • Select referees to hire based on submitted responses.
      1. Preference to referees who can work all four days.
      2. If the cadre cannot be filled with four-day referees, hire selected referees for three days.
      3. Preferential hiring to referees with appropriate ratings in more than one weapon.
      4. Referees should have at least one rating meeting the minimum established for the tournament.
    • Confirm referee’s ratings from RC website, and that referee’s Background Screen is good through the month of the tournament.
    • Approximately two weeks after the initial emails are sent, notify the referees being hired and send the first hire list to the National Office.
  2. Two to One months before the tournament (repeat steps as required)
    • Send follow-up availability request emails to referees who didn’t respond to earlier emails.
    • Select referees to hire based on submitted responses.
    • Confirm referee’s ratings and Background Screen status.
    • Notify the referees being hired, and send subsequent hire lists to the National Office.
    • Check that required Minor Referees Forms have been completed and sent to the National Office.
  3. One month before the tournament
    • All referee hiring should be complete.
    • Review preliminary rooming list, checking for any abnormalities.
  4. From One month before the tournament until the start of the tournament
    • Attempt to replace any referees who cancel, as long as it can be done in a fiscally responsible fashion; e.g. local referees, referees within driving distance, or referees able to find an inexpensive airline ticket.

For anyone interested in seeing a complete list of the tasks involved when hiring for a national event, please click here.

Responsibilities of RC Personnel at National Tournaments

The lists of responsibilities of the RC Tournament Referee Coordinator, Lead Assigner, and Assigners are available here.

Current Season

Each tournament has a ratings mix percentage set up, so that an appropriate number of referees of each rating are hired.  The mix percentage varies based on the competitions being contested at the tournament.  The current season’s mix percentages are available here.