In the United States, the Rules of Fencing are maintained by the RC and published in many digital forms on this website at the bottom of this page. The rules are usually updated once per year, often in the fall before the start of the USA Fencing season. These yearly changes often incorporate changes in the international rules of fencing, which are maintained by the Federation International d’Escrime (FIE). All rules changes proposed by the RC must be approved by the USAF Board of Directors, which usually occurs at their annual meeting in September.

The USA Fencing rules differ in places from the international rules of fencing. The English translation of the international rules is maintained by the British Fencing Association, and the original French is maintained by the FIE. Referees who work internationally should be intimately familiar with the British and FIE rules, as well as the differences between the international rules and the US rules.

Questions about the rules should be directed to the Rules Committee.

The 2016-17 US Fencing rules are available in various formats:

  • .pdf – Fixed layout, best for viewing on a regular computer monitor
  • .ePub – Flowable layout, for viewing on various eReaders (Nook, iPhone, iPad, ADE)
  • .mobi – Flowable layout, for viewing on Kindle devices only

The August 2016 Penalty Chart is available as a .pdf file.

The Operations Manual and Athlete Handbook are available on the USA Fencing website.  The Operations Manual contains information about the organizational rules and procedures around tournaments.  The Athlete Handbook contains information about tournament formats, fencer classifications, point systems, and selection of elite teams.