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The Fencing Officials Commission

The Fencing Officials Commission (FOC) is composed of twelve to sixteen members, each of whom normally serves a term of four years. The terms of the entire Commission are staggered in four groups, each identified by the final year of its term so that in each year the terms of three or four members expire. The President of USA Fencing nominates candidates to fill vacancies and submits them for approval by the Board of Directors, whose approval is required. If necessary, the President will nominate members to fill vacancies which occur due to a term that is not completed. These nominations must also be approved by the Board of Directors. In addition, any USAF member who is a member of the FIE Refereeing Commission is automatically a member of the FOC. A member of the USAF Technical Committee will be appointed annually by the President to serve ex officio on the commission so as to provide expert opinion on technical matters. The FOC members will annually elect a chair or co-chairs from among themselves. The Commission members, due to the nature of their duties, are expected to hold a valid current FIE referee license or one of the highest USFA domestic classifications.

Mission Statement

The USA Fencing Officials’ Commission aims to facilitate the best possible athlete experience in American fencing competitions by developing and managing the most talented and unbiased referees in the world and creating an environment of fairness, honesty, integrity, and respect.


The Commission is responsible for:

• Developing referees

• Assigning US referees to international teams and competitions

• Submitting candidates to the FIE for examination or removal as an international referee

• Preparation of clinic formats

• Examination development

• Rules legislation and interpretation

• Conducting hearings on matters referred by the USA Fencing Board of Directors

• Awarding referee classifications 1 through 5

• Selecting and assigning referees at the National Championships and at all competitions in the United States which are part of the qualifying procedure for international teams

• Functioning as a liaison with schools and colleges regarding referees