Certified Referee Instructors


Certified Referee Instructors are experienced referees meeting high standards, who are located across the country and are able to give FOC-certified refereeing seminars.  The content of these seminars ranges from discussion of the rules and their current application, to scenario based discussions of right of way, and the administrative role and responsibilities of the referee.  CRIs are available to give seminars across the country.  For people who are interested in becoming certified referees, these seminars are a mandatory component of certification.  Even if you are not working towards becoming a referee, they are a great opportunity to learn the rules, learn your rights as a fencer, as well as learn about current issues in refereeing.  These seminars are open to anyone, including parents.  We hope to eventually have a schedule available here of all seminars being held across the country.  Many are posted on FRED.  If you are interested in having a seminar in your region, please contact one of the CRIs listed below.

NameDivisionSectionEmail Address
Abbas FadelWisconsinMidwestAbbas.a.fadel@gmail.com
Abdelwahab AbdelazizNew JerseyMid-Atlanticabdelwahab_a@hotmail.com
Amgad BadawiVirginiaSouth eastamgad.badawi@yahoo.com
Ariana KlinkovNew EnglandNorth Atlanticarianasabre@gmail.com
Bill OliverColoradoRocky Mountainbilliver@gmail.com
Bradley BakerSouth JerseyMid-Atlanticbradley.baker@temple.edu
Bruce GillmanHudson-BerkshireNorth AtlanticFCLICLUBRAT@aol.com
Charles AstudilloSan DiegoPacific Coastcounterriposte@gmail.com
Damon ScaggsNebraskaRocky Mountaindamon.scaggs@gmail.com
Dan CrocketGreen MountainNorth Atlanticvtepee@hotmail.com
David BlakeNew EnglandNorth Atlanticdavid@prisedefer.com
Derek CottonSouthern CaliforniaPacific Coastfoilcoach@yahoo.com
Doug FindlayOhioGreat Lakes findlay.2@osu.edu
Fernando DelgadoIllinoisMidwestfdelga1@aol.com
Gary Van der WegeSouth TexasSouthwestwedge@austin.rr.com
George KolombatovichGateway FloridaSoutheastGK1946@me.com
George NonomuraNorthern CaliforniaPacific Coastfireofswords@yahoo.com
Greg DilworthColoradoRocky Mountaingreg.dilworth@gmail.com
Iana DakovaWestern PennsylvaniaMid-Atlanticdakova@hotmail.com
Jeffery BukantzNew JerseyMid-Atlanticjbukantz@gmail.com
Jerry BensonOklahomaSouthwestjerry11423@gmail.com
Jon MossNortheastNorth Atlanticfezonh@comcast.net
Justin MeehanWestern WashingtonPacific Northwestjxmcitadel@aol.com
Kevin MarWestern WashingtonPacific Northwestkevin@washingtonfencing.com,
Lisa Campi-SaperyNew JerseyMid-Atlanticlisasapery@hotmail.com
Mark StasinosUtah-South IdahoPacific Northwestmdakstas@aol.com
Mary MahonGold Coast FloridaSoutheastmeldarius@aol.com
Matthew CoxNorth CarolinaSoutheastmatthew.ag.cox@gmail.com
Patrick WebsterMichiganGreat LakesPatrick_a_webster@hotmail.com
Peter BurchardNorthern CaliforniaPacific Coastpeter_burchard@hotmail.com
Russell Wilson Virginia Southeastrussellwilson5@aol.com
Sean ShumateKentuckySoutheastsean.shumate@twc.com
Tomek AmborskiNorthern CaliforniaPacific Coasttomekaborski@yahoo.com
Vladimir LilovNew JerseyMid-Atlanticlfa@lilovfencing.com
William BeckerArizonaSouthwestsabreref@gmail.com
Rylan DelapAlabamaSoutheastRylandelap@gmail.com

Requirements To Become a Certified Referee Instructor

Certified Referee Instructors are appointed by the FOC Referee Development Committee.  To be eligible to become a CRI, referees must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a 3 level referee rating or higher in at least two weapons
  • Referee at their rated level at a minimum of two Division 1 North American Cups or Championships per year
  • Sit through the most recent rules interpretation and teaching seminar at the National Championships, a NAC competition, or arrange to have one delivered to their area
  • Must be a member in good standing and be compliant to Safe Sport requirements

CRI’s are required:

  • To give the full seminar as prescribed by the Referee Development Committee at least once every year.
  • To maintain their USA Fencing Membership
  • To be Safe Sport cleared and remain in good standing as a referee.
  • To follow course guidelines and submit required paperwork as outline for the CRI program.
  • To keep records of all the seminars they have given for any given three years of history
  • To cover all three weapons at seminars

Certification can be revoked for poor performance, failure to submit required paper work or inactivity.  CRI’s may charge seminar attendees a reasonable amount; $75.00 per person is the average amount.