RC Committees


Domestic Assignment Committee

Responsible for hiring referees for the National Tournaments of USA Fencing

Mary Frye – Vice-Chair
Marcus Balog
Lisa Campi-Sapery
Dan Crocket
Mary Mahon
Kevin Mar
David Sierra
Sean Shumate

International Development and Assignments Committee

Responsible for developing and hiring referees for international fencing competitions

Kelly Johnson – Vice-Chair
Peter Burchard
Andrew Foster
Tyler Jacobson
Ariana Klinkov

Domestic Referee Development

Responsible for the education and development of referees at the local, regional and national level

Patrick Webster – Vice-Chair

Rules and Examinations Committee

Responsible for decisions on the rules and maintaining the USA Fencing rulebook and on-line referee exam

Devin Donnelly – Vice-Chair
Bradley Baker
Tyler Jacobson
Laura Decker

Referee Ombudsman

Responsible for investigating referee complains and suggesting solutions

Derek Cotton – Vice-Chair
Sue Borgos
Tim Bookwalter
Lisa Campi-Sapery
Bobby Gibbs
Tasha Poissant
Mike Ross
Patrick Webster

RC Ombudsman web site:  https://rcombudsman.org/